How to Get the Best Out of Online Bookmakers

Anyone who is a fan of gaming is well aware that online sportsbooks represent the cornerstone of successful transactions and in theory, walking away a winner. As opposed to a handful of years ago, the sheer number of these portals has increased exponentially. There are benefits and drawbacks to this scenario. While you have a greater variety to choose from, not all are associated with the same calibre of service. It is therefore very important to know which factors tend to define a reputable website and how you can make the most informed choices in order to maximise your winning potential. Let us take a closer look.

Online Bookmakers and Bonuses: What You Need to Know

As this topic tends to be slightly complicated, we will tackle it before moving on. As you may have already imagined, this is a highly competitive industry. Bookmakers will therefore offer attractive bonuses in order to entice new clients and to keep their existing customers loyal. These bonuses can be provided in a number of ways. A handful of the top methods include:

  • Welcome bonuses
  • Matched deposit bonuses
  • Free spins and similar rewards.
  • VIP packages

Welcome bonuses are rewards offered to those who register for a new bookmaker. By their very nature, they are one-time offerings and generally defined as a specific amount of funds that will be deposited into your account. This money can then be used towards normal gameplay.

Matched deposit bonuses are popular options, as the bookmaker will literally match the amount of money that the player deposits up to a specific level. These thresholds will vary depending upon the portal in question. It is not altogether unreasonable to witness matched deposits which are valued at a thousand pounds or more.

Free spins and games are other ways to attract a loyal client base. These essentially work in a very simple fashion. They can be distributed based off of the amount of time that one has been a member, they may be rewarded as the result of a recent deposit or they could be given as a bonus if a friend registers with the bookmaker in question. Sometimes the bookmaker require a code but it is possible to get free spins without deposit codes, often simply by registering at a bookie.

VIP packages are a final variant. These are generally reserved for “high rollers” and others who have contributed a significant amount of money over time. Many VIP rewards are classified into discrete levels such as “silver”, “gold” and “platinum”.

UK Bookmakers Online and the Question of Security

The best online sportsbooks are always associated with superior levels of online security. This is understandably a very real concern for the majority of clients. As virtual threats continue to emerge, the fact of the matter is that these portals need to stay one step ahead of the curve. However, how is the average player able to know which portals are the most trusted?

The majority of providers will offer what is known as SSL encryption. This is an abbreviation for secure sockets layer. SSL encryption has existed for a number of years and all technicalities aside, its main purpose is to thwart any would-be intruders from accessing potentially sensitive information such as bank account or credit card details. Most online bookmakers will clearly state that they employ this bundle. Any sites which are unable to provide such evidence are best to avoid.

The Number Deposit Options Associated with UK Bookmakers Online

Thanks to the lightning-fast nature of the Internet, players will normally be able to deposit and withdraw funds within a matter of minutes. This is obviously advantageous when one wishes to prolong his or her winning streak. Another hallmark of worthwhile online sportsbooks in the United Kingdom is the amount of payment options that they support. A handful of common examples will normally include (but are without a doubt not limited to):

  • Skrill (formerly Moneybookers)
  • PayPal
  • Visa and MasterCard
  • Wire transfers
  • Direct electronic deposits

This flexibility provides the user with a number of options and of course, all respected third-party transfer services are associated with superior levels of transparency.

Deposit and Withdrawal Fees

This concept is directly related to the aforementioned transfer options. It is always very important to take into account any hidden fees or commissions that may be attached to a deposit or a withdrawal. Although this may seem rather insignificant, the fact of the matter is that such surcharges can quickly eat into any perceived profit margins. Fees and rates are normally explained thoroughly within the terms and conditions of the bookmaker in question. Be sure to review this section to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

The Variety of Games and Platforms Associated with Reputable UK Online Bookmakers

It is said that variety is the spice of life. This observation is just as true when referring to professional online sportsbooks. We should recognise here that this concept does not only refer to casino games and other gambling platforms. The largest firms also offer sports such as baseball, football (both European and American), basketball and horse racing. A wide array of options tends to be another reliable signal that the company in question is worth a closer look.

The Reputation of the Firm

We finally need to address the reputation of the company itself. It always needs to recognised that each portal will boast its own unique benefits. However, there can be much more than initially meets the eye. What are the experiences of previous customers? Is the bookmaker willing or able to provide testimonials upon request? How do third-party comparison sites rate their services? These are all very important questions to consider before joining.

There are a number of respectable and trustworthy UK bookmakers online. Still, encountering the best firm for your needs will take a bit of time. Please refer back to this guide so that you will be able to discover a truly worthwhile portal.